1 Day Special Congress 2018

The one day congress 2018 will be held in Manchester at the Hilton Deansgate Manchester on Thursday 18 October 2018

Business will take place from 10:00am - 16:30. Registration will be open from 8:30am.


Registration for congress is now open!

There are two registration links below. Please ensure you register with the correct one.

The deadline for registration is 5:00pm on Friday 21 September.

Once registered delegates will receive an email confirmation to  say their registration has been received.

Reasonable travel and subsistence expenses will be paid to cover costs necessarily incurred in attending congress, including delegates' travel from work or home addresses within the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. These expenses will be met centrally by UCU. Receipts must be submitted in respect of all expenses claimed, whether travel or subsistence. An expenses claim form specific to congress will be made available to delegates.

Delegates are asked to minimise their expenses wherever possible, including booking advance travel tickets.

Congress papers 

  The outstanding business of Congress 2018 (motions) can be found below.

Click here for congress entitlements

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Outstanding business: 2018 Congress motions [212kb]

Calling notice
UCU884.html | UCU884.rtf

Congress standing orders [103kb]

Last updated: 17 September 2018