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UCU JNCHES negotiators

11 February 2020

UCU has eight negotiators in total, forming a pool for purposes of formal negotiations with UCEA under JNCHES, and trade-union side discussions on a variety of matters.

The negotiators for 2023-24 are:

  • chair of the higher education committee (HEC): Maria Chondrogianni
  • vice-chair (pre-92) of HEC: Mark Pendleton
  • vice-chair (post-92) of HEC: Andrew Feeney
  • secretary of HEC/UCU national head of higher education: Shahenda Suliman
  • four negotiators elected by a meeting of the higher education sector conference:
    • Joanna de Groot
    • Marian Mayer
    • Christopher O'Donnell
    • Sean Wallis


Last updated: 9 August 2023