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Strikes suspended at University of Sheffield International College

16 November 2022

UCU today announced that strike action planned for this week at the University of Sheffield International College has been suspended to allow for further consultation with members.

Strikes were due to take place on Thursday and Friday of this week, but the employer has made new offers, which the union is now putting to members.

It is now up to members to determine next steps but if the offer is rejected then industrial action is still on the table for:

  • Monday 28 November
  • Tuesday 29 November
  • Wednesday 30 November

The action will be the first ever strike to take place in a privatised higher education provider.

The college is privately owned by a company called Study Group but is closely connected to the University of Sheffield. Study Group uses University of Sheffield branding, and provides preparation courses for overseas students who want to go on and study at the university. Courses cost upwards of £22k per year per student.

UCU staff at 150 universities have also voted for strike action in disputes which include low pay.

UCU regional official said Julie Kelley said: "To allow time for further consultation, our members have agreed to suspend the strike action planned for this week. This gesture of goodwill shows we are prepared to work towards an agreement but in the middle of a cost of living crisis it is clear that employers can do better. We are a democratic union and it is now up to our members to decide next steps."

Last updated: 17 November 2022