Ensuring recruitment of new staff - a checklist

2 August 2023

Every new employee should get some information about the UCU and a personal contact.

To recruit effectively you need to:

  • „send a local recruitment letter to all new members of staff each month. Your local letter should highlight relevant local information or local reasons to join.
  • „seek to ensure that the employer distributes information about UCU to all new staff
  • „seek to ensure that UCU is mentioned in any information distributed by personnel to new staff, eg the offer letter, statement of terms and conditions, induction session
  • provide departmental representatives with lists of new staff
  • „divide up lists of new staff to ensure that a departmental representative or committee member contacts each new member of staff in person
  • „send out a follow-up letter or e-mail to all new members of staff
  • have a calendar of all staff induction meetings
  • „attend all staff induction meetings
  • „have a link to the UCU application form on your website:
Last updated: 2 August 2023