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Saleem Rashid (The Sheffield College)

25 January 2024

Election address

I have worked at the Sheffield College as a Mathematics Lecturer since 2010. 

Previously, I have worked at Bradford College, Newcastle College and Gateshead College.

Union Experience:

·     Branch committee member, senior case worker and H&S officer/rep. UCU CBC and BMSC member

·     Represented and supported members, attended JCC meetings, attended UCU Equality Conference.

·     Delegate to and moved motions at UCU Congress and TUC Black Workers Conference.

·     UCU Left supporter.

I am standing to support and defend the FE sector which has been under a sustained attack by the government cutbacks and reduced funding, leading to the narrow curriculum provision with job cuts, redundancies and increased casualisation. The Covid19 pandemic has made the situation much worse in FE and HE Sectors. Staff are facing increasing workloads, pressure and threat of redundancies as well risks to their health and wellbeing. UCU needs to challenge these issues effectively and fully support its members.

I have written motions to promote Equality and support equal pay and conditions for agency/casualised staff under Agency Workers Regulations 2010, after 12 weeks of employment.

As a NEC member, I would seek that UCU campaigns to:

·     protect the working conditions and pay for its members, including the impact of high inflation and the cost of living crisis.

·     oppose the increasing workloads given to members and the resulting redundancies. Members must not pay for the cost of living crisis through cuts in their wages and increase in their workload.

·     challenge and deter the employers' continuing to engage in unfair and oppressive practices and conduct towards members by taking collective action.

·     promote equality, diversity and inclusion and challenge racism.

·     oppose incorrect use of Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Clauses, used to silence members, in settlements negotiated between the Union and the employer on members' behalf.

·     take test cases of members to the Employment Tribunal. This is a more effective deterrent than compromise agreements which allow the employers to continue as before.

·     have greater accountability to its members by seeking termly publication of case work data and support given to members included cases supported by UCU to the Employment Tribunal.

·     oppose the rampant marketisation of education in FE and support for fully funded Further and Adult Education

I will work constructively within the union to make it more effective in representing you and keeping it democratic and fully accountable to all its members.

I am voting and supporting Peter Evans for Vice-President. I am also supporting Elaine White, Naina Kent and Dharminder Singh Chuhan.  Please vote for them.

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In Solidarity

Last updated: 25 January 2024