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Congress 2024: Business of the strategy and finance committee

21 May 2024

UCU Congress 2024: 31 May - 09:00-10:30

Motions have been allocated to a section of the NEC's report to Congress (UCU2119). Paragraph headings refer to paragraphs within this report. CBC may have added some new paragraph headings to facilitate the ordering of motions.

Section 5: Business of the Strategy and Finance Committee (closed session)

    Section 5.3: Finance and property

    50  Appointment of auditors - National executive committee

    Congress approves the appointment of Knox Cropper as the union's auditors for the year ending 31 August 2024.


    51  Audited financial statements to 31 August 2023 - National executive committee

    Congress receives the union's audited financial statements for the 12-month period ending 31 August 2023 as set out in UCU/2136.


    52  Budget 2024-25 - National executive committee

    Congress endorses the budget for September 2024 - August 2025 as set out in UCU/2135.


    53  Subscription rates 2024-25 - National executive committee

    Congress accepts the President's proposal for a progressive increase in subscription rates and endorses the subscription rates from 1 September 2024 set out in UCU/2135.


    Section 5.4: Fighting fund and supporting members with legal strategy

    54  Clarification and expediation of strike pay - Kirklees College

    Congress notes:

    1. financial concerns are a barrier to industrial action due to low pay of many members and current high cost of living
    2. workers in Unite (bus drivers) and Unison (education support workers) have achieved significant pay uplifts due to sustained action which was made possible by generous strike pay.

    Congress resolves:

    1. to implement a new strike pay policy where all members at institutions are contacted as soon as they have a strike mandate with details of how to claim strike pay and how much they will be entitled to
    2. to remove the requirement for a payslip before strike pay is paid, so that members are able to manage their monthly budgets
    3. to improve the information on the website so that members can understand the financial implications of strike action when making decisions.

    REMITTED (Not taken)

    55  Industrial action and legal guidance for migrant members - Migrant members standing committee

    Congress notes:

    1. since 2019, UCU has published legal guidance on migrant workers taking industrial action, which is updated as the law changes
    2. some updates happened just before, or during, industrial action.

    Congress believes:

    1. no member should be asked to take industrial action that could jeopardise their immigration status
    2. last minute changes to guidance risk confusion regarding migrant members' ability to participate in industrial action and increases the risk of receiving incorrect advice.

    Congress resolves:

    1. UCU guidance for migrant members must be refreshed on a quarterly basis to address changes in law, and updates emailed to members
    2. proposals for forms or patterns of industrial action, which would be new to UCU, should by default include an equality impact assessment inclusive of migration status. An updated version of the Migrant IA guidance should be provided to the relevant NEC subcommittee to inform calling action.

    REMITTED (Not taken)

    56  Strike payments, casualisation and cost of living hardship - Liverpool John Moores University

    Congress notes

    1. Motion 26 was carried at UCU Congress 2023 but has not been implemented
    2. Motion 26 resolved: casualised members should have access to the central Fighting Fund from day 1 of industrial action; the fighting fund application process is made more accessible to casualisedmembers
    3. the disproportionate impact of casualisation on women, migrant, Black, and disabled members
    4. the Cost of Living Crisis increases pressures on all members.

    Congress believes:

    1. the most precarious members of our union must be better supported to advance equality in our union and workplaces
    2. strike payments are central to ensuring membership confidence to take industrial strategy across our sectors.

    Congress resolves:

    1. to instruct that Motion 26 (2023) is urgently implemented across all UCU disputes, both local and UK-wide.

    REMITTED (Not taken)

    B18  Late motion - Addressing institutional racism in our union - London regional committee

    Congress notes:

    1. Unite UCU's dispute and ballot announced 18 April 2024 over:
      1. workplace and institutional racism
      2. breach of recognition
    2. Black Members Standing Committee's ongoing boycott of UCU due to institutional racism experienced by members and staff.

    Congress believes

    1. Black members' trust in the union has been eroded and needs to be rebuilt
    2. UCU should model the workplace practices we advocate for our members.

    Congress resolves to:

    1. send solidarity to Unite UCU and BMSC
    2. call on the GS to:
      1. ensure meaningful involvement from BMSC and Unite in independent investigation into institutional racism, including agreeing TORs
      2. agree to Unite's proposed resolutions: Withdraw dismissal-related procedures against Black staff; An independent investigation into workplace culture and organisation; Respect recognition agreement with Unite
    3. ensure Black member network mailing lists and blog are: updated and appropriately resourced; accessible for BMSC to actively communicate Black members' issues and UCU schemes benefitting Black members.


    B31  Emergency motion - University of Kent, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Reading, Coleg Gwent, University of Manchester, Durham University, Royal College of Art, Nottingham Trent University, Liverpool John Moores, University of Bath

    In the light of announcement of Unite UCU strike and demonstration at sector conferences on 30/5/24, Congress reaffirms its belief that Black Lives Matter.

    We hear the live experience of Black workers and UCU reps. We stand for democracy.

    Congress instructs GS and NEC

    1. to support the demonstration
    2. to settle the staff dispute on terms agreed by UNITE UCU
    3. to hold within three months and with bodies agreed with UNITE UCU, an independent inquiry into the workplace culture in UCU.

    Congress further calls on the General Secretary

    1. to give BMSC and UNITE meaningful involvement in the independent review on racism
    2. to call and attend open member meetings about racism within UCU.


    Last updated: 3 June 2024