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How do I make sure new staff know about UCU?


In many colleges and universities, new staff joining the institution are invited to a formal induction event. If your institution carries out regular induction events, you could offer to go along and talk to new staff about UCU. You can take UCU materials with you to hand out. Another good idea is to take an attendance form with you to get contact details. With these, you can follow up new staff and encourage them to join.

New staff information packs

Another good way of ensuring that new members of staff know about UCU is to ask management to include union materials and an application form in with new staff information packs. Some managements send your local branch or association information on new starters. You could offer to send out a welcome letter to the new starters inviting them to join UCU.


if you receive information about new starters in your area or department, or if you just spot someone who is new, approach them and offer to have a coffee and a chat about what it's like where you work. When you talk to them, tell them about UCU's work at your institution and encourage them to join.

Make UCU visible

Do you have a UCU poster or application form holder on your door or in your workspace? Making UCU more visible in your workplace will ensure that everyone knows who we are and the work that we do. To find out about and order promotional tools, click here.

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