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How do I get UCU materials?

21 September 2007

UCU materials are a great way to raise the profile of the union in your workplace. The more the people see the union in their daily lives, the more likely it is that they will think of the union as being something real and relevant to them.

UCU produces a wide range of materials including application forms, generic 'Join UCU' posters and blank posters on which you can add your own messages. We also stock UCU mugs, mousemats, bags, pens, notepads and badges. All of these are designed to fit into the workplace and project the union into the daily lives of your colleagues.

It's easy to use UCU materials to support recruiting activity:

  • ensure that there is a 'Join UCU' poster on your door or nearby.
  • make sure you've always got a good supply of application forms
  • remember to use a UCU mug and put some more in your staff kitchen area
  • wear a UCU badge
  • make sure you've got a supply of mousemats and pens in your office to give to your colleagues.

All of this can help to make the union more visible and makes it more likely that when you talk to your colleagues about joining, they will know that UCU is the union in their workplace.

Ordering UCU materials is simple:

Step 1: look at a list of what's available, including images of our what's available here

Step 2: order these materials from UCU HQ by emailing Martin Whelton and listing what you want and to what postal address you would like it sent. We will then get these to you as fast as possible.

If you don't see what you want here, tell us what it is you want. Email us at

Last updated: 13 October 2016