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About UCU Scotland

10 October 2002

UCU Scotland has around 9,000 members working in higher education. Though operating under the umbrella of national UCU, UCU Scotland's work has great importance with political devolution in the UK.

The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government administer higher education funding and policy in Scotland. The Westminster government allocates funding to Scotland and the devolved administration then decides how it is distributed, including to higher education.

With its powers to enact primary legislation and its responsibility for the Scottish Funding Council, the devolved administration has a major influence over the nation's higher education sector. As such, we work with politicians and policy-makers in Scotland on the full range of higher education issues, ensuring the voice of university staff is heard.

One of our key priorities, in Scotland, is recruitment, with a particular focus on fixed-term contracts issues and we campaign to promote job security and career development. This takes place alongside national UCU priorities, so as to take account of the needs of local associations in Scotland and of UCU Scotland in its particular political environment.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC), playing our part in the STUC general council, annual congress, women's, disabled and the black worker's conferences. We are also founder members of the Scottish Trade Union Research Network.

Last updated: 24 May 2021