UCU comment on higher education pay offer

27 April 2015 | last updated: 10 December 2015

UCU said universities could afford to pay more than the 0.9% offer that was tabled at talks between the higher education unions and the employers on Friday.

The unions said the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) had to address key sections of the pay claim relating to equality ahead of the next meeting on Tuesday 12 May.

UCU said the employers needed to stop trying to link the pay talks to incremental pay progression, which less than half of staff actually receive, and deal with the real-terms drop in members' pay that has seen the value of their pay fall by 15% in recent years.

UCU head of bargaining, Michael MacNeil, said: 'Staff working in higher education want to see an offer which keeps up with the cost of living and seeks to address the fall in the value of members' pay over recent years.

'We are disappointed that the employers are playing to the gallery in trying to link incremental progression with these pay negotiations, but are showing no desire to address many of the issues set out in our equality claim.

'UCEA needs to review its position ahead of the final meeting on 12 May.'