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General tools for equality

5 May 2016


An equality bargaining pack is being developed for all branches as an essential guide for local negotiations.

Our challenge is how we take the issue of equality forward so that our commitment translates from words into meaningful action.

The pack is web-based and will be updated when appropriate to reflect changes in UCU policy or legislative changes. We also want to include any agreements secured locally or case law which supports negotiations.

Negotiating agreements and policies relating to equality can be perceived as added value rather than supporting all members. This means equality issues are often not prioritised but they support a huge number of our membership if not all as we are all covered by age legislation.

The guides are short and in some cases there is more detailed guidance available. These guides will inform you about:

  • UCU policy and any relevant background material
  • a negotiating checklist (and in some cases a model policy)
  • where to go for further information and resources.

Understanding your key tools for negotiating equality

There are equality tools which you can use for all negotiations. In any discussion about changes at work you can use these tools to hold your employer accountable to all members and their duty to progress equality.

You can also download the complete guide here:

General Tools for Equality [277kb]  | General Tools for equality [140kb]


Last updated: 17 July 2017