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UCU guidance: caring for the carers

26 May 2016

A new guide aimed at giving support to an estimated 315,000 working age carers in the UK.  'Caring for carers: a UCU guide for members and reps', gives an overview of the issues facing working carers, their rights and how branches can offer support to members who may have difficulty in managing their caring responsibilities with work responsibilities.

  Caring for Carers - introduction [390kb]

The picture of caring

This briefing outlines the current legal definition of a carer, what carers needs are, the issues and impact of caring.

Caring for the carers: a UCU guide – 2: The picture of caring [514kb]

Branch action

Branches play a valuable role in supporting all members at work.  This guide provides tools to assist branches in identity and supporting carers as well raising awareness of issues facing carers.

Caring for the carers: a UCU guide – 3. Branch and local association action [527kb]

Rights at work

In a time when many workers are facing severe changes to their equality and employment right, this briefing provides information for carers on their rights at work.

Caring for the carers: a UCU guide – 4: Rights at work [506kb]

Legislation in relation to carers

This briefing provides information on the various pieces legislation that provides protection for carers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Caring for the carers: a UCU guide – 5: Legislation in relation to carers [407kb]

Contacts and resources

In this listing, we provide useful contacts of organisations and resources providing advice and support for carers.

Caring for the carers: a UCU guide – 6: Contacts and resources [322kb]

Last updated: 10 June 2016