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Ban Bullying at Work Day

12 October 2007

Support national anti-bullying day - 7 November

A survey of UCU members carried out in March this year at Leeds Metropolitan University revealed a disturbing culture of individual and institutional bullying; the Health and Safety Executive have agreed to intervene.

Unfortunately Leeds Met staff are not alone in experiencing bullying at work in further and higher education. Ban bullying at work

That is why UCU, with other unions, is supporting national anti-bullying day on 7 November, sponsored by the Andrea Adam Trust.

Examples of UCU branches today using 'Ban Bullying at Work Day' positively to raise awareness of the dangers of bullying:

  • at South Thames College, the UCU branch is conducting an internal staff bullying survey. Its findings will be discussed at a meeting with management. 
  • the UCU union branch at City of Bristol College is exploring whether or not bullying is a widespread problem or limited to isolated incidents. It has produced fact-sheets on bullying at work and is sending an exploratory survey, based on TUC materials, to all UCU members and many other staff. All union reps are today (Wednesday) wearing an anti-bullying badge and posters and stickers are being used to draw attention to the day's activities. The activity is part of a college health and safety week.  
  • UCU at Southampton University is hosting a meeting (with UNITE and UNISON), using a TUC/Industrial Society video on bullying: 'A life for Sarah' and discussion on 'The role of the harassment contact'.
  • at Edge Hill University, where there has been a recent history of bullying problems, the UCU branch is using Ban Bullying at Work Day to gain input from staff to a draft 'Dignity at Work' policy.
  • UCU members at in the School of Health at University of Greenwich are being encouraged to wear anti-bullying badges.

Get involved:

The UCU national equality and employment rights office would be keen to hear about your branch local anti-bullying campaigns. Please contact Sharon Russell.

There is no place for bullying in education

See also the October issue of UCU's health and safety news for more on UCU's work against bullying:

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