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Black Members' Conference

Annual meeting for UCU black members, taking place during the annual UCU equality conference.

Email us if you would like to join UCU's network for black members.

Diary date  The Equality groups conference 2018 will be held at the The Manchester Conference Centre, from Thursday 29 November - 1 December 2018.

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The Black members' conference will be on Friday 30 November from 14:00 - 17:30

Faiza Shaheen, director of Class, has confirmed as guest speaker. Faiza recently spoke to BBC Newsnight about housing in the UK.

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Branches/local associations are invited to submit up to three appropriate motions relevant to black members. Motions must have been approved either  by a quorate general meeting, or by a properly constituted meeting of black members. The deadline for motions is Thursday 8 November.


Nominees to this committee must be in good membership standing, be a black member, (this being self defined) and be employed with the last 12 months. The deadline for nominations is Thursday 15 November

This page will be updated as and when more arrangements are confirmed.

Black Members' Conference 2017

 The conference was held on Friday 24 November 14:00 - 17:30 and the theme was 

 'Getting Organised'. Speakers include Linda Bellos and the NUS President, Shakira Martin.

 3 workshops took place:

  • Networking (Steve Lui and Nita Sanghera)
  • Anti-deportation (Kirsten Forkert and Ilyas Nagdee)
  • Surviving the workplace ; protecting yourself against management tactics (Saleem Rashid and Nitin Rajyaguru)

Black Members' Conference 2016

Friday 2 December

Quotation People from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are disproportionately affected and, that is an issue that has been noticeably absent from the wider public discourse around cuts. The Black Members Standing Committee (BMSC) is working within union structures to ensure that issues faced by black workers in the further and higher education sectors are addressed through the union structures. This coupled with the wider social injustices we are seeing with the treatment of refugees and the post-Brexit racism means that now is the time that we must use our voice'

Dave Muritu - Chair of UCU's National Equality Committee

'This is what racism looks like'

Quotation're really articulate for a black person'

Quotation ...but where are you REALLY from?'

Quotation ...although it seems very minor, consistent and persistent misspelling of my name.  If you can learn Dostoyevsky...'

Extracts from the UCU survey into the experiences of black workers in further and higher education, 2015

This year's conference shares the theme for next year's day of action against workplace racism, 'this is what racism looks like'.  It follows on our successful first day of action against workplace racism held in  February 2016.

The campaign aimed to highlight the issues faced in our workplaces by black workers in the post-16 education sector and to raise the profile and progression of race equality in the union.     As part of the campaign, UCU produced a film entitled 'witness' that chronicled the lived experiences of UCU's Black members'. 

Members attending the conference attended one of three workshops on either promotion and progression, challenging harassment and bullying ; or challenging micro-aggression.

Black Members' Conference 2015

The conference was held on 13 November 2015 and included discussion on issues relevant to black members, motions and elections to the committee. 

There was ample opportunity for delegates to share their good and bad experiences with a view to producing tangible outcomes which will benefit black members in the long term.

Black members' conference 2014

The conference took place on Friday 14 November from 2-5pm at the Manchester Conference Centre. The theme for 2014 was 'Working together'

2014 focused on the value and necessity of working together to fight racism and improve the working lives of UCU members. A panel session featuring members UCU's black members' standing committee (BMSC) and invited speakers including Malia Bouattia (NUS black students officer) explored how best to organise, negotiate and fight for the rights of black workers. Two motions were also discussed in this session.

Any questions specifically about the black members conference please contact Chris Nicholas or for general conference enquiries please contact Sue Bajwa.

Last updated: 29 October 2018