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Equality standing committees

20 November 2007

Fighting for equality in education and beyond.

The five equality standing committees are elected during the relevant annual meetings. The committees can send motions to national annual congress and sector conferences.

Black members' standing committee 2024-2025

  • Dr Benjamin Ajibade (Northumbria University)
  • Miriyam Aouragh (University of Westminster)
  • Dharminder Chuhan (Sandwell College)
  • Kirsten Forkert (Birmingham City University)
  • Juliana Ojinnaka (Sheffield College) (Co-Chair)
  • Jaswinder Kaur Blackwell-Pal (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Jak Peake (University of Essex) (Co-Chair)
  • Zoulika Lamamara (Teesside University)
  • Aasiya Lodhi (University of Westminster)
  • Saleem Rashid (The Sheffield College)
  • Cecilia Liang May Wee (Royal College of Art)
  • Abdullah Yusuf (University of Dundee)

Disabled members' standing committee 2024-2025

  • Cecily Blyther (Petroc)
  • Kevin Daws (City of Bristol College)
  • Jennifer Dods (Leeds Beckett University) 
  • Alison Gaughan (Kirklees College)
  • Dan Green (Heriott Watt University)
  • Claire Graf (University of Edinburgh)
  • Jacqui Lovell (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Sophia Lycouris (University of Edinburgh)
  • Bijan Parsia (University of Manchester)
  • Christina Paine (London Metropolitan University) 
  • Pat Roche (Blackpool & Flyde College)
  • Cecilia Wee (Royal College of Art)

 LGBT+ members' standing committee 2024-2025

  • Jennie Appleyard (Leeds City College)
  • Peta Bulmer (University of Liverpool)
  • Peter Evans (Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College) (Chair)
  • Stephen Desmond (Solent University)
  • Matilda Fitzmaurice (Newcastle University)
  • Athanasia Francis - (University of Liverpool)
  • Gina Gwenffrewi (University of Edinburgh)
  • Bee Hughes (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Philip Inglesant
  • Guoxin Ma (University of Southampton)
  • Mark Pendleton (University of Sheffield)
  • CJ (Novus Prison Education)

Migrant members' standing committee 2024-2025

  • Maha Rafi Atal (University of Glasgow)
  • Minjie Cai (University of Birmingham)
  • Michael Carley (University of Bath)
  • Daniel Keeler (Canterbury Christ Church University)
  • Laura Loyola-Hernandez (University of Leeds)
  • Gertjan Lucas (University of Nottingham)
  • Guoxin Ma (University of Southampton)
  • Robyn Orfitelli (University of Sheffield)
  • Vivek Thuppil (Bangor University)

Women members' standing committee 2024-2025

  • Leanne Bibby (Teeside University)
  • Vicky Blake (University of Leeds)
  • Maria Chondrogianni (University of Westminster)
  • Jennifer Dods (Leeds Beckett University)             
  • Jo Edge (University of Edinburgh) (Chair)
  • Safia Flissi (South & City College Birmingham)
  • Gillian Jack (The Open University)
  • Julie Hearn (Lancaster University)
  • Lesley Kane (Open University)  
  • Themesa Neckles (University of Sheffield)
  • Christina Paine (London Metropolitan University)
  • Pat Roche (Blackpool & Flyde College)
  • Lisa Rull (University of Nottingham) 
  • Victoria Showunmi (University College London)
  • Suzi Toole (Bolton College)
Last updated: 4 June 2024