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Retired members' committee

13 July 2022

The retired members' committee advises and makes recommendations to the national executive committee (NEC) on matters specifically related to retired members.

The committee was created in March 2022.

Committee membership in 2023-24

Philip Burgess (Scottish retired members' branch)
Mike Farmer (South West retired members' branch)
Martin Giddey (Southern RMB)
Alastair Hunter (Scottish retired members' branch)
Robert Kirkwood (East Midlands retired members' branch)
Elizabeth Lawrence (Yorkshire and Humberside retired members' branch)

The NEC reps are:
Patricia Roche (Blackpool and The Fylde College)
Deepa Govindrajan Driver (University of Reading)

Meetings in 2023-24

21 February 2024
17 April 2024

Committee secretary: Charlotte Nielsen, equality support official

Last updated: 23 November 2023