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UCU regional retired members' branches

UCU via its regional structure has been establishing regional retired members' branches. If you are in receipt of a pension and no longer undertaking employment, you are eligible to be a member; please contact direct your regional branch.

If you are not sure which one you belong to, or live in a region which is not yet established, please contact pensions@ucu.org.uk or phone 0121 634 7387

East Midlands

East Midlands region contacts

Website: www.ucu-em-rmb.org.uk

[+] East Midlands newsletters

Eastern & Home Counties

Eastern & Home Counties region contacts

[+] Eastern & Home Counties newsletters


London region contacts

Website: www.ucu-retired-london.org.uk


Northern region contacts

North West

North West region contacts


Scottish region contacts

[+] Scotland newsletters

South East

South East region contacts

South West

South West region contacts

Latest newsletter: South West RMB newsletter, Sep 19 [1mb]

South West RMB: Information for retired members [301kb]
South West RMB rules, Mar 18 [183kb]
South West RMB: AGM March 2019 minutes [430kb]
South West RMB general meeting June 2018: minutes [326kb]
South West RMB: AGM March 2018 minutes [245kb]
South West RMB: AGM February 2017 minutes [570kb]
South West RMB: meeting June 2016 minutes [421kb]
South West RMB: AGM February 2016 minutes [72kb]
South West RMB: AGM February 2015 minutes [107kb]
South West RMB: AGM 2014 and reports, Mar 14 [35kb]

[+] Earlier South West RMB newsletters


Southern region contacts


Wales region contacts

Wales RMB - 2016 UCU Congress report [77kb]

National Pensioners Convention Campaign! bulletin - June 2016 (pdf)

[+] Wales newsletters

West Midlands

West Midlands region contacts

[+] West Midlands newsletters

Yorkshire and Humberside

Yorkshire and Humberside region contacts

[+] Yorkshire & Humberside newsletters

Frequently asked questions?

I have a pension but I am still doing some teaching can I join?

Advice about membership for members who are in receipt of a pension but still undertake some employment can be found at: Retirement & UCU membership

Last updated: 1 October 2019