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Disabled Members' Conference

Annual meeting for UCU's disabled members, taking place during the annual UCU equality conference.

Email us if you would like to join UCU's network for disabled members.

Diary date  The Equality groups conference 2018 will be held at the The Manchester Conference Centre, from Thursday 29 November - 1 December 2018.

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The disabled members' conference will be on Thursday 30 November from 09:30- 13:00

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Branches/local associations are invited to submit up to three appropriate motions relevant to disabled members. Motions must have been approved either  by a quorate general meeting, or by a properly constituted meeting of disabled members. The deadline for motions is Thursday 8 November.


Nominees to this committee must be in good membership standing, be a disabled member, (this being self defined) and be employed with the last 12 months. The deadline for nominations is Thursday 15 November

This page will be updated as and when more arrangements are confirmed.

Disabled Members' Conference 2017

The Disabled members' conference  Thursday 23 November from 09:30 -13:00

The  theme was Disability History Month (art and disability) with guest speaker William Longden from the Joy of Sound and Simone Apsis from the Campaign for Inclusive Education  discussed campaigns including around the disabled students allowance

The conference included  debate on motions, and nominations to the committee.

Disabled Members' Conference 2016

Thursday 1 December

UCU celebrated Disability History Month (UKDHM) at its Disabled Members' Conference in December 2016. The theme for UKDHM in 2016  focused on the language used to describe disabled people, the language disabled people use to express themselves. Richard Rieser, Co-ordinator of Disability History Month spoke and members were asked to participate in a photo montage entitled 'this is what I call myself, this is what you call me'.

Disabled Members' Conference 2015

The disabled members' conference was held on 13 November 2015 and included discussion on issues relevant to disabled members, motions and elections to the committee. 

Disabled members: twenty years since the Disability Discrimination Act (now Equality Act 2010) came into force disabled members are still experiencing discrimination and prejudice. In recent years, it feels as if progress has halted and what we have achieved is being taken away. This year the conference focused on the importance of the social model in challenging discrimination and prejudice and how we need ensure employers adopt this model in all policies and procedures.

The conference also discussed the results of the UCU disabled members' survey and what actions we need to take on the findings, as well as  moving motions and holding elections to the committee. 

There was ample opportunity for delegates to share their good and bad experiences with a view to producing tangible outcomes which will benefit disabled members in the long term.

For general event enquiries contact Sue Bajwa.

Last updated: 29 October 2018