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Women members' conference,

31 August 2021

The annual equality groups conference 2023 will be held at Manchester INNSiDE Hotel from Thursday 16 November - Saturday 18 November 2023

The Women members' conference will be Thursday 16 November 14:00 - 17:30

The theme of this year's annual women members' conference is " Lost in place - creating autonomy for women" including:

  • Autonomy to take industrial action
  • Autonomy to do your job
  • Embodied autonomy at work
  • Collective autonomy or autonomy and connections

There will be an opportunity to discuss experiences and we will hold workshops to come up with suggested solutions and actions. Invited speakers include Sisters Uncut, members and reps from prison education and branches involved in industrial action.

Registration - deadline Tuesday 17 October 5pm,


Motions - deadline Thursday 26 October 5pm

Branches/local associations are invited to submit up to three appropriate motions relevant to women members. Motions must have been approved either  by a quorate general meeting, or by a properly constituted meeting of women members.

Nominations - deadline, Thursday 2 November 5pm

Nominees to this committee must be in good membership standing, be a women member, (this being self defined) and be employed with the last 12 months.


General conference information

There is plenty of opportunity throughout the day to network with other colleagues as well as to take part in various workshops  The conference discusses and votes on motions submitted by branches/local associations. The carried motions advise the NEC about the views of women members. Nominations to the committee are also collected and counted during the day or the following few days. 

For any questions specifically about the women members' conference please contact Charlotte Nielsen

For general event enquiries contact Sue Bajwa.

The 2020 women members' conference was held on Thursday 3 December 14:00 - 17:00 on Teams.

Re-shaping the future: protecting women's rights

Covid-19 has thrown the gendered division of work into sharp relief and highlighted once again the inequalities women experience and the inter-sectional dimension of these. This conference will be an opportunity to discuss issues of key concern to women at present, such as balancing work and caring responsibilities, workload, casualisation, Black Lives Matter and maternity rights. It was discussed how we can protect women's rights for the future and what action we can take both locally and nationally. 




For any questions specifically about the women's conference please contact Charlotte Nielsen.

For general event enquiries contact Sue Bajwa.

Last updated: 19 October 2023