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Courses in London & South East regions

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These are the courses for branch reps and activists currently running in London and South East regions.

If there are no dates listed for the course you'd like to attend, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.

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Effective negotiating & bargaining skills: May 2022

This course is for those who are negotiating with management or those in the branch who want to learn more about the negotiating process. You will learn about the phases of negotiation, how to represent members effectively, how to develop arguments, define a bargaining strategy and respond to unfair tactics. This course will also touch on some of the practices taught in both strike school and organising for power.

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Green New deal bargaining: January 2022

This course is for all Green reps along with those in the branch who are interested in bargaining around environmental issues. The course will help reps navigate UCU Green New Deal bargaining advice and enable you to work on a potential claim to the employer.

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H&S 1 - induction: February & March 2022

This online course forms the first part of UCU's health and safety training programme. This course is for new health and safety reps, those who have been in the role sometime but have never been trained, along with those in the branch who want to further understand the role, and legislation that enables health and safety reps to hold institutions to account.

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H&S 2 - organising and bargaining for health and safety: January & February 2022

This course is for those who have completed the UCU H&S 1 course and wish to extend their H&S knowledge around organising and bargaining. The course will help you learn how to involve members along with developing bargaining strategies to win better H&S conditions for members.

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Rep 2 - Representing UCU members: handling complex cases: January & February 2022

This course is for reps who have completed UCU's Rep 1, (H&S1, Bargaining for Equality) or our introduction to case work and are now actively engaged in representing individual members. The course also assumes you are actively engaged with your branch and understand UCU's democratic structures both in the branch and nationally,

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Representing individual members - an introduction to casework: February & March

This is a course for reps who are new to representing individual members or those who are considering becoming more involved in the direct representation of members.

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Risk assessment - a safe way of working: May 2022

This online course has been designed for reps and activists who are looking to better understand the risk assessment process. The course will take account of the pandemic, look at how current health and safety legislation can help, and discuss strategies for involving members.

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UCU Rep 1 - induction: January & February 2022

This online course is aimed at new reps/caseworkers and activists who will be undertaking a branch role. Existing reps who have not attended training before are also encouraged to attend. The course will cover all aspects of your role as a rep including your rights, union democracy, recruitment and communication. You should complete this course prior to applying for the Rep 2 course: We would also suggest you consider the 'introduction to case work' course when it next runs in your region.