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General election 2024

General election - 4 July 2024

5 June 2024

UCU GE manifesto 2024 Building a fair and sustainable post-school education system: priorities for the next government

UCU general election manifesto 2024 [433kb]

Education is transformative - both for individuals and for wider society. Learning broadens our horizons, while improving our wellbeing and our productivity. It is a long-term investment in our economy, it is vital to our employers, and it will shape the future for everyone.

After the damage caused by more than a decade of real-terms cuts and marketisation, this manifesto outlines a series of proposals for radical reform, underpinned by a set of key principles, to ensure that we have an education system that works for everyone.

UCU Scotland GE manifesto 2024 UCU Scotland priorities for the new UK government

UCU Scotland general election manifesto 2024 [407kb]

Higher education is devolved and many of UCU Scotland's demands are directed to the Scottish government rather than to the incoming Westminster government that will be elected in this UK general election.

Members and branches are encouraged to contact candidates standing for the UK Parliament in Scottish constituencies to discuss and question them on their and their party's views on the higher education policies outlined in this manifesto.

Party manifestos

Not all of the main political parties have published their manifestos. When they do we'll set out a summary of their education pledges.

Write to parliamentary candidates

Look out for a template letter that you can use to write to parliamentary candidates - coming very soon.

Make sure you can vote!

To vote in the UK general election you must:

Make sure that your voice is heard by:

UCU also encourages members to remind their students to register to vote. The 'Turn Up' campaign, led by the National Union of Students (NUS), is providing a suite of resources that you can point your students towards:

Last updated: 13 June 2024