Supporting Just Transition and climate demands

29 May 2017 | last updated: 29 October 2019

UCU's annual congress held in May 2017 has passed motions supporting Just Transition and trade union campaigning over a number of climate demands.

Resolution 16, on Just Transition resolves to work with members affected by a move to a low carbon economy, other trade unions, and environmentalists to ensure that the change from a fossil fuel to low carbon economy is one which is fair and just to all workers employed in those sectors affected.

Congress also called on the national executive committee to move a motion at the TUC's annual congress which campaigns for:

  1. energy democracy and a rapid transition from fossil fuels
  2. stop all airport expansion
  3. government funding for green jobs training
  4. no fracking
  5. promote alternatives to short-haul flights, including publicly owned rail services
  6. a genuine commitment to reducing lethal air pollutants
  7. a just transition employment strategy to climate jobs and well-paid, skilled, sustainable employment
  8. support for improved links between anti-war, refugee and climate campaign movements
  9. action against TTIP, CETA and other trade treaties threatening climate justice
  10. a Climate Justice Fund funded by wealthy nations and polluting companies.

Congress also passed a motion on air pollution, calling for action over the 40,000 people who die each year from the air that they breathe - more than obesity and alcohol combined. The resolution states that a significant cause is carbon pollution arising from work and travel to work and is an occupational health issue that employers take little responsibility for.