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7 July 2008

UCU information and guidance

Annual reports

UCU videos on 'Students and community engagement'

UCU has been involved in the production two five minutes videos that illustrate the award winning work we have been doing in south west London.

Consultation Responses

Green Skills Manifesto 2012

Green Skills Manifesto [1mb]

Connect the Dots

A video from about the connection between climate change and extreme weather.

Other resources 

The inclusion of groups on this page does not constitute endorsement of the group or its actions by the union. UCU does not call on its members to take part in unlawful acts of protest.

The state of sustainability in tertiary education, 2015 report from the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC)

Ban the bottle factsheet [54kb]

TUC Union Green Reps handbook: Go Green at Work (hard copies available from UCU and TUC)

Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Carbon Trust

EAUC - Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges

Trade unions and environment work

Enough is Enough

Sustainable workplace

PCS Green workplaces

Prospect and a 'just transition'

Just Transition Partnership (Scotland)

External groups

UCU has a long history of support for campaigns against climate change, and we support the right to protest and take action on this and other issues. However, UCU cannot call on its members to take part in unlawful acts of protest. This may include some actions of some groups. Where a group arranges a specific lawful act of protest in pursuit of aims in keeping with UCU policy, it is up individual UCU members, branches, associations, regions, and devolved nations to decide for themselves whether and in what way they wish to support this.

Just Stop Oil

Insulate Britain

Extinction Rebellion

United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

Frack Off

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