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2020 events

Information about events organised or supported by UCU during 2020.

Cradle to Grave 2020

On Saturday 8 February, UCU held its annual Cradle to Grave conference at the TUC Congress Centre in London with the theme: 'climate change, power and society'.

Health and safety in higher education - online briefing

Health and safety HE online briefing, which will take place on Monday 13 July 6.30 - 7.30pm

Empower and educate

Tuesday 8 July, 6-9pm: join us online with Billy Bragg, Grace Blakeley, Ann Pettifor, Dalia Gebrial, Faiza Shaheen, Sonia Adesara and Gary Younge for an evening of discussion about how education has the power to transform minds & transform society.

Online and blended teaching

A webinar for branch officers exploring some of the challenges faced by UCU members given uncertainty over delivery demands in the autumn.

A Green New Deal for colleges and universities

An online event with Jo Grady, UCU general secretary, Graham Petersen, Greener Jobs Alliance and Quinn Runkle, SOS-UK

Digital organising for UCU activists

Webinar on digital organising as part of our Fund the Future campaign, with speakers from UCU headquarters and local reps.

ACE end of term catch-up

Online catch-up for members working in adult and community education to share experiences of the Covid-19 crisis, the return in the autumn, and what our Fund the Future campaign should look like in ACE.

Decolonising our institutions

With Shalini Sharma and Julianna Ojinaka.

GTAs are workers too!

An online session aimed at members working as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) (or similar), co-hosted by UCU and PandemicPGRs who have been campaigning for the rights of PGRs during the Covid-19 crisis.