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Sexual violence task group

4 June 2020

The sexual violence task group is made up of UCU members who are working together, alongside UCU staff, to produce research and recommendations which will inform UCU's campaigning in this area.

I need support, what do I do?

Please see this list of support services across the UK [207kb] where you can seek support for issues relating to sexual violence, including a dedicated phone line for UCU members.

How can I get involved?

Surveys for UCU members

A survey has been circulated via email to all members of UCU. A separate survey has been circulated to branch representatives and caseworkers. If you would like to share information in more than one capacity, please do so. Please check your inbox for links to these surveys.

Surveys for professionals working in areas related to sexual violence in tertiary education

If you are a professional working in an area related to sexual violence (eg. a solicitor, HR professional, or a professional within the charity sector) and would like to contribute to the work of the task group, please complete this survey.

Survivors Create!

UCU members who are survivors of sexual violence are invited to submit to an anonymous online portal called 'Survivors Create!'. We seek to ensure that the voices of survivors are central to the work of the task group. As such, we have designed a portal in an effort to ensure survivors can upload their perspectives in a range of formats. Visit the portal here.

Survivor-centered conversations

Depending on resources and availability there may be opportunities for UCU members who are survivors of sexual violence to speak with a member of the task group. If you are interested in taking part in a one-to-one conversation with a task group member, please contact SexualViolenceTaskGroup@ucu.org.uk for more information. Please note that speaking to the task group is not a way to report an instance of sexual violence or to gain advice or representation.

Last updated: 4 March 2021