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HE negotiations 2024-25

22 March 2024

Information on the UK-wide higher education negotiations for 2024-25 which take place within the Joint National Committee for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES).


Higher education pay and working conditions negotiations update

Click here for the full 2024-25 claim that has been submitted by the five HE trade unions (UNISON, Unite, EIS, GMB and UCU).  

The higher education joint trade union claim for 2024-25 has been agreed by the five HE trade unions (UNISON, Unite, EIS, GMB and UCU); see below for the heads of claim. For additional context please read this update for HE members.

Heads of claim

We are seeking the restoration of our members' lost pay. Below inflation pay rises over the past decade have resulted in members' losing up to 30% of the value of their pay.

  • We demand:
    • an increase on all pay points of at least RPI + 2% or a flat rate of at least £2,500 (whichever is greater) and a commitment to restore lost pay.
    • Equivalent rises to London Weighting and any other allowances
    • A new minimum pay rate of £15 an hour.
    • All institutions to become Foundation Living Wage employers and pay points below the FLW to be deleted.
    • UCEA should commit to a comprehensive reform of the pay spine.
  • On the pay-related elements from 2023-24: progression and resolution of those issues covered by the terms of reference, including joint agreements on workload, contract types, pay spine reform, and agreeing specific actions to tackle the gender, disability and ethnicity pay gaps to be implemented at institutional level, and implementation of actions that arise from that work.
  • Joint reference to the New JNCHES Pension Forum of issues arising from gender inequalities in pension contributions
  • Negotiations to agree specific actions to move all staff onto a 35-hour week, with no loss in pay, to be implemented at institutional level
  • A national Green New Deal Agreement on a Just Transition for the sector which will include a Just Transition Commission in Higher Education
  • UCEA to commit to the protection of national agreements relating to terms and conditions of employment including the Post-92 national contract and HE2000.
  • To establish the Scottish sub-committee of New JNCHES as set out under the New JNCHES agreement.

Institutions/branches involved

Click here for a list of institutions/UCU branches that are included in the Joint National Committee for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES) for 2024-25.

Last updated: 17 May 2024