Counting the costs of casualisation

UCU has launched a major new survey on casualisation - if you're on an insecure contract please fill in the survey and share with any colleagues also on insecure contracts.

Signing a contract


UCU works hard to protect and improve the working conditions of members who work in a number of distinct employment categories, such as academic-related, casualised contract or prison education staff, and who can find they are faced with particular issues.

Many of these specialist interest groups have their own input into UCU's decision-making processes through advisory committees or annual member meetings. For more information visit: UCU member networks

Contract issues

Key things you need to know about your employment contract.

Workplace policies

Many key employment policies are determined or implemented locally and national UCU has policy and guidance covering these key areas.

Conditions of employment

Agreements and recommendations about the employment of staff negotiated by UCU and employer bodies, often alongside other workplace unions as part of national negotiations.