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Contract issues

Key things you need to know about your employment contract.

Employment contracts

Information on what you should expect in writing from your employer relating to your employment contract.

FE employment contract

Most colleges in England now set out main terms and conditions of employment in the form of a standard contract of employment document.

Post-92 national contract

A national agreement reached in 1990 provided for an agreed contract of employment and national staff handbook text to be in place in each post-92 institution for all full-time and fractional lecturing staff (lecturers, senior lecturers and principal lecturers) by 31 August 1992.

Agency workers

Information for agency worker members of UCU.

Part-time working in HE

There are two types of part-time staff employed in the higher education system:

Part-time working in FE

FE colleges rely particularly heavily on part-time teaching staff. Part-time lecturers can work anything from a couple of hours a week, perhaps in the evening, to substantial periods, sometimes with almost as much teaching as many full-time staff.

Postgraduate employment

Thousands of postgraduates are employed in higher education, usually in teaching roles. It is important that they are treated in the same way as other employees and are fully supported as members of staff.

Non-lecturers in FE

Information for non-lecturer educational practitioners in further education.