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Pensions checklist

27 February 2007

Some key pointers for looking after your pension.

  • If you haven't already register online with your pension scheme:
  • Check your pension records. Is the service record correct? Are the salary details correct? Mistakes can and do happen, and the sooner you spot them the easier it is to rectify.
  • Check if there are any unexplained gaps in your service record. Gaps will be there for things like days of strike action, periods of non-pay, eg, because of sickness
  • Check and keep your payslips. As well as a record of your pay this is also a record of your pension contributions which may be needed in the future, but importantly make sure your employer is taking pension contributions.
  • Remember to nominate (or to change your nomination of) someone to receive the death benefit after you die, unless it is going to a surviving spouse/partner.
  • Use your scheme calculators or modellers to work out how much your pension in retirement is likely to be and work out whether you need to make any additional contributions.
  • The earlier in your working life you opt to enhance your future pension, the more affordable it may be
  • Use the annual benefit statement provided by your scheme to help with your calculations
  • Use the online tools to check your state pension entitlement.


Last updated: 5 May 2022