Disability History Month

Disability History Month runs from 22 November to 22 December every year.

Disability History Month is supported by a wide range of disability groups, unions and voluntary organisations, and aims to promote disabled people's rights and their struggle for equality now and in the past. Events about disability will be held all around the UK and further information can be obtained from http://ukdhm.org/

Theme for 2017

This year's UK Disability History Month celebrates disability and art.

The aim of the theme for 2017 is to encourage local museums, libraries, councils, schools, colleges, work places and trade unions to celebrate the relationship between artists and disability.

The idea is to examine artists who have been disabled, artists who have featured disabled people through a social model lens but also to understand the attitudes existing at different times over history towards disabled people through their portrayal in Art. Many famous artists were themselves disabled for part of their careers.

  Disability History Month poster [46kb]

UCU disabled members' took part in a photo montage at the annual Disabled Members' Conference on 1 December 2016 to mark Disability History Month: Disability History Month 2016 - member montage [2Mb]

DHM 2017 montage

The challenges

Achieving equal rights has happened because disabled people have organised through their trade unions, community groups and organisations. These rights are now under attack because of the huge cuts in public spending and blatant ideological attack on benefits which support disabled people to work or live with dignity without work.  Some disabled people are prevented from working because of the negative attitudes and prejudice of employers.  The Disability History Month helps support UCU's priority of equal and fair treatment at work and our wider agenda of equal rights in all aspects of our lives.

International Disability Day - wall chart UCU marked Disability History Month 2010 through our disability wallchart. International Day of Disabled People - UCU wall chart [4Mb]

UCU has also produced a film as a contribution to Disability History Month). We have aimed to make this film accessible to all members and welcome any feedback. Please use this film to commemorate disability history and as a trade union and teaching resource to raise awareness of the importance of the social model of disability.

Please send any comments to: hcarr@ucu.org.uk

Last updated: 19 September 2017