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Hazelkorn recommendations published

27 March 2016

The final report of the Hazelkorn Review 'The oversight of post-compulsory education in Wales, with special reference to the future role and function of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW)' has been published. The six recommendations are: 

  1. develop an overarching vision for the post-compulsory education system for Wales based upon stronger links between education policy, providers and provision, and social and economic goals to ensure the needs of Wales are future-proofed as far as is practicable
  2. establish a single new authority - to be called the Tertiary Education Authority(henceforth TEA) - as the single regulatory, oversight and co-ordinating authority for the post-compulsory sector
  3. place the needs of learners at the centre of the educational system, by establishing clear and flexible learning and career pathways
  4. civic engagement should be embedded as a core mission and become an institution wide-commitment for all post-compulsory institutions
  5. create a better balance between supply-led and demand-led education and research provision shifting away from a market-demand driven system to a mix of regulation and competition-based funding
  6. create the appropriate policies, processes and practices to encourage better long-term and joined-up thinking about the educational needs and requirements for Wales, now and into the future.

UCU Wales provided written evidence to the review [351kb] and also met with Professor Ellen Hazelkorn on 4 November 2015.

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