Towards a National Education Service

Last year, the Labour party proposed a new National Education Service to provide 'cradle-to-grave learning, free at the point of use'. UCU has been examining these proposals and setting out its own principles and priorities for the creation of a new, progressive education system.

UCU is making the case for a National Education Service which is:     

  • fairly funded so that cost is never a barrier to participation
  • accessible to everyone regardless of age, background or circumstance
  • expansive with support for a broad curriculum and a range of delivery modes
  • flexible so providers can respond to changing and emerging needs
  • coordinated with clear links and pathways between different parts of the system
  • accountable to students, staff and the communities it serves
  • high-quality with learning at all levels delivered by highly-trained, well-supported professionals.

Towards a National Education Service - UCU March 2018 [639kb]

UCU response to LPF consultation on the National Education Service, June 2018 [562kb]

Last updated: 28 June 2018