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The future of vocational education

27 February 2014

Bringing together all the strands of existing policy on vocational education.

Vocational education is coming further into mainstream education policy discourse following the publication of the Wolf review of vocational education in 2011, with apprenticeships being lauded as the 'new norm' by the prime minister in 2013 and the introduction later this year of the high profile Tech Bacc. The Labour Party has proposed their own Tech Bacc and have pushed apprenticeships high up their agenda too.

Existing UCU policy on vocational education has been formed through various routes such as Congress motions, responses to consultations, the development of UCU's post-school education manifesto and committee decisions. This document brings together all the strands of existing policy as well as developing our thinking in some key areas.

The future of vocational education, Feb 14 [86kb]

Last updated: 25 January 2022