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Thursday 23 May 2013: 'Many Ways to Learn' - find out about the annual awareness day organised by the Campaign for Learning

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About the Campaign for Learning and Learning for Work Day

Learning at Work (LAW) Day is an annual awareness campaign organised by the Campaign for Learning. LAW Day aims to promote and support workplace learning events across the country. It encourages people to offer learning to all employees especially to those that may not participate in current learning opportunities. LAW Day is part of Adult Learners' Week.

The theme of this year's LAW Day is  'Many Ways to Learn' and focuses on: maximising the opportunities for employees to learn by cultivating and supporting different types of learning at work; supporting employees to become more self-directed and able to manage their own learning; supporting employees' motivation to learn through developing their understanding of learning preferences.

Promoting Learning at Work Day in your branch

There is much evidence to suggest that where unions are actively involved in the learning agenda and professional development, union membership increases and activism increases.

If you are a UCU rep or ULR and would like to get involved with organising a LAW Day event you can visit the  Learning at Work Day website where you will find a page dedicated to supporting ULRs with this. There is also a wealth of other information including on the site including: 

● FAQs

     ● ideas

● resources

     ● PR support and publicity  

● policies

     ● research

You will need to  register on the site to gain access to the full range of resources.

In addition several Learning at Work Day planning workshops have been organised by Campaign for Learning and are listed below. You can book directly onto the workshop by following the links below. Please note that the fee for the workshop would need to come out of branch funds.

Tuesday 12 February 2013, London

Tuesday 26 February 2013, London

Wednesday 27 February 2013, Birmingham

We'd really like to hear about Learning to Work day in your branch. Please email the training officer at kbrooks@ucu.org.uk.  

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