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Anti-casualisation day of action 2013

10 February 2013

UCU held a day of action on 6 March 2013 protesting against the over-use of casual contracts in UK further and higher education.

Anti-casualisation day of action

To follow on from this Day of Action a training/organising conference will be held on Saturday 4 May 2013 to look at how we strengthen our ability to secure improvements for members on casualised contracts. Members on casualised contracts themselves, newer members and those that have not previously been active are particularly welcome to attend. Please click here for more details.

Events and activities took place in universities and colleges across the country on UCU's National Anti-Casualisation Day of Action on 6 March 2013.  These are just a few examples but why not contact your local branch and find out what's happening in your workplace?

  • Anti-casualisation day of action 6 March 2013
    University of Aberdeen branch launched a survey asking staff about contract and workload issues
  • University of Oxford activists targeted departments that use large numbers of casualised staff by running recruitment stalls and distributing campaign material
  • University of Dundee UCU, Unison and Unite invited staff and students to a meeting to discuss the causes and consequences of casualisation
  • Edinburgh University branch ran a workshop on hourly-paid staff rights
  • Glasgow University UCU had a drop-in at the Gilchrist Post Graduate club
  • Sussex University members held an event for Associate Tutors with speakers and discussion
  • Teesside University UCU raised awareness with publicity stalls and meetings for staff
  • Newcastle University branch held a leaflet drop across campus using the UCU campaign packs
  • Kingston College had a recruitment drive aimed at the large number of staff on sessional contracts
  • Open University UCU contacted the many tutors on casual contracts with a recruitment email
  • Halesowen College branch used the campaign pack to publicise the issue.

CAUT logo : This link opens in a new window Letter of support on our anti-casualisation day of action from the CAUT [55kb]

The aims of the campaign and the focus of the day of action:

  • to recruit staff on casualised/insecure contracts
  • to encourage more members to be involved in their union
  • to campaign in support of negotiating improvements.

Campaign packs are available to download below and packs can be requested by

The day of action is part of UCU's Stamp Out Casual Contracts campaign.

For further information email

small X/Twitter logo 24x24 You can also follow the UCU anti-casualisation committee on Twitter: @UCUAnti_Cas

Click here for our full range of campaign materials

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