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Fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid staff

26 October 2007

Fixed-term and hourly paid staff are faced with job insecurity which blights our further and higher education systems, bringing with it inefficiency, inequality and personal stress. Alongside this, part-time staff are too frequently not being employed on pro-rata pay and terms and conditions of service.

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UCU - fighting insecure contacts

One of our major campaigns - Stamp out casual contracts - was set up to help tackle the increasing prevalence of insecure abuses.

We have also produced specific guidance and research on the use and abuse and casualised contracts in UK further and higher education:

Rewatch: PGRs as staff, not students

Streamed live on 25 November 2020.

Representing fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid staff in UCU

The anti-casualisation committee advises the national executive committee. Any fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid member can stand for the committee.

The committee is elected during the annual meeting of staff on casualised contracts which is open to all fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid members.

Last updated: 7 November 2022