MRC, NIBSC and Imanet staff

UCU represents staff employed by the Medical Research Council, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, and GE Healthcare (Imanet).

Joint union survey

Please take part in our survey to help us identify any barriers in joining and/or becoming more active in your union. We will use the results to identify any worries, issues or concerns that staff may have in their workplace. Please click on the link below and take the time to complete the survey as your views and opinions are important to us:
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Joint MRC trade union newsletter: download below

MRC unions and you

MRC Unions and You : This link opens in a new window Visit the MRC national trade union side 'MRC Unions and You' web pages for online resources for MRC employees. 

This provides staff with a better understanding of how the work of the trade union side affects MRC employees and the services available.

MRC trades unions' pay ballot declaration

UCU members voted to accept the 2012 pay award after a consultative ballot.

As a result of a similar acceptance by Unite members, and the formal positions adopted by PCS, FDA and the BMA, the joint trade union side requested that these responses be considered as a majority acceptance of the pay offer and that that the pay award is implemented as quickly as possible.

Read the full notice here: TUS bulletin: Members' Pay Ballot - Declaration, Mar 13 [289kb] (opens in a new window)

You can read the UCU MRC committee's negotiation report to members here:
MRC committee report on the 2012 pay award [280kb] (opens in a new window)

Changes to the MRC pay and grading scheme

In 2011 members of the MRC trade unions have voted overwhelmingly to accept proposals for a new pay and grading scheme. The proposals followed representation made over a number of years by the NTUS regarding the structural inconsistencies and uncompetitive reward package provided by the old scheme.

The NTUS worked constructively with the HR director and his team over the period of eighteen months to develop a system that, while less ambitious than originally aimed, goes someway towards addressing the problems. The full proposals also deal with the need for career development and progression for work groups other than scientific staff and further work is to be done towards achieving this. The highlights of the new scheme are:

  • an increase in band maximums and removal of standard pay points
  • an increase in the value of increments and a commitment from the MRC to annual incremental progression as well as inflationary pay rises, subject to a sufficient annual pay settlement from government
  • the adoption of a promotion mechanism that provides for an accelerated progression through the pay bands
  • the introduction of an ethos of career progression and development within the current roles.

The NTUS met staff at MRC units throughout the UK to discuss these proposals and the response from staff was mainly positive, recognizing the proposals represented progress. The NTUS share concerns that staff expressed with respect to the political support for full implementation of the pay reforms.

Download the full proposals here [182kb] (opens in a new window)

UCU ran an e-ballot on these proposals which closed on 27 September 2011. 

Changes to the MRC redundancy compensation scheme

After balloting their members, the MRC trade unions (TUS) concluded talks on the proposed changes to the MRC redundancy compensation provision, and the revised redundancy terms was implemented effective from 26 September 2011. The TUS and MRC are currently working on the policy development for redundancy and redeployment policy ('Green Book') and compensation ('Blue Book'), which will be introduced in due course.

Whilst these new policy changes are being introduced, there will be transitional arrangements in place.

The changes

The changes ( download proposal PDF [81kb] (opens in a new window)) when read in conjunction with the existing Green and Blue books (see MRC portal link) mean some changes to existing terms and entitlements. In some cases these changes are less than the current terms.

The key changes are:

  • voluntary redundancy, 1 month for every year worked up to a max of 21 months + 3 months notice-effectively 24 months pay. Voluntary redundancy will normally be the default position.
  • compulsory redundancy, 1 month for every year worked up to max of 12 months + 6 months notice (CSCS is 3 months).
  • staff aged 50 - 55; early retirement without actuarial reduction but no 6 2/3 years enhancement. The severance payment will be used to pay the early pension as it is being taken before normal pension age (any shortfall will be made up by the MRC). Staff still receive their retirement lump sum.
  • the MRC will continue to operate the 6 months redeployment phase of the Green Book before issuing 6 months notice of redundancy. This will operate for both compulsory and voluntary redundancy.  It is envisaged most people will leave on voluntary terms.
  • the MRC will revamp its redeployment procedures and make them more robust, with HR/directors mangers having to demonstrate that they have actively tried to redeploy (more detail in document).
  • MRC will recognise transferred in service (pre 2004 employees) in calculating redundancy.
  • MRC to agree to pay CDF's the MRC terms of redundancy (requested by UCU). 
  • much improved redundancy avoidance and redeployment process.


Barry Jones


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Last updated: 6 January 2016