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Annual meeting of staff on casualised contracts

Diary date The next meeting will be Friday 1 March 2019

Venue: UCU head office, Carlow Street, London, NW1 7LH, 10:30 - 16:30

UCU is stepping up its campaign against casualisation in our sector, seeking to recruit and organise more casualised staff and looking to involve more casualised members in the democratic life of our union.

Our annual meeting is a vital part of that democracy: it elects the anti-casualisation committee, which advises the NEC; it sends motions to the committee to inform its work for the year, and it's an opportunity to discuss how to step up the fight in all our branches.


There are two ways in which members can register for this conference

Number one: each branch/local association may send two voting representatives to the annual meeting. Branch/local association representatives must have been approved either by a qu orate branch meeting, qu orate branch committee meeting or by a properly constituted meeting of members on casualised contracts.

Branches are asked to use our online service to register each representative.

Number two: delegates can self-register. However, delegates are encouraged to register through their branch where possible. Branch registrations will automatically be confirmed upon registration, whereas self-registration will not be confirmed until after registration deadline when we know the final numbers for branch delegates.

Self-registrations will be considered in two groups: those from members of branches that have not registered an elected branch representative (group 1), and members of branches that have registered an elected branch representative (group 2). Places will first be allocated to members in group 1. If the number of members in group 1 exceeds the number of places available, places will be allocated at random. At this stage, not more than one place will be allocated to self-registrations from members of the same branch. Additional self-registrations from members of the same branch will be moved to group 2.


Nominations: deadline Friday 15 February 2019

Each branch/local association can nominate one person to the anti-casualisation committee. To be eligible for election or co-option to the committee, candidates must be in good membership standing and be employed on a casualised contract - for example a fixed-term, hourly paid or agency contract, or, if not employed at the time of nomination, have been employed on such a contract within the last two years. With the nomination form you must provide proof of qualifying employment in the last 24 months such as a wage slip.

Candidates must provide, as part of their nomination, evidence of their qualifying employment, normally in the form of a copy of a payslip for work carried out within the preceding 24 months, or, in the case of a member who is self-employed, evidence of payment for work carried out within the preceding 24 months

Click here for a nomination form [74kb]


Motions: deadline Friday 8 February 2019

Branches/local associations could submit up to three motions on matters of direct concern to staff employed on casual (eg, fixed-term, hourly paid or agency) contracts.

Click here for a motions form [64kb]


Delegates and general conference arrangements: Sue Bajwa

Previous meetings

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Confirmed minutes of the 2015 annual meeting:
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Confirmed minutes of the 2014 annual meeting:
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Confirmed minutes of the 2010 annual meeting:
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For any queries regarding committee nominations or submission of motions, please contact UCU bargaining official.

* minutes are confirmed during the following annual meeting

Last updated: 13 February 2019