FE pay in Wales

UCU negotiates on FE pay and conditions in Wales alongside the other relevant trade unions with the Welsh FE employers' association ColegauCymru.

Please see FE agreements in Wales for all national agreements, including those relating to pay matters.

Joint unions' claim 2018-19

Ballot called

A special Wales Further Education Sector Committee meeting on 2 July 2018 agreed to hold two industrial action ballots in September; one on pay, the other on workload. This decision came as a direct consequence of ColegauCymru's (CC) rejection of joint unions' 2018/19 pay claim; offering instead a 1% pay increase. CC have also refused to negotiate on the workload agreement or the business support staff pay scale until the issue of the pay award has been resolved.

Members will be encouraged to vote 'Yes' to action in both ballots.

For further details please see the newsletter of 3 July [122kb].

Claim details

A claim of 7.5% was made by the joint unions for 2018-19 on 18 June 2018: 'The unions want to make it clear that we expect an above inflation pay rise to begin to address the reduction in the real value of our pay over the last decade. We will need several years of "substantial above inflation pay rises" to close the gap created by the "austerity" policy of the Westminster government. We expect a minimum of 7.5%, or £1,500 whichever is greater.'

For further details please read the June 2018 newsletter [121kb].

Claim 2017-18

The Joint Trade Unions (JTUs) submitted their pay claim for 2017/18 and negotiations with ColegauCymru began in June 2017:

Wales joint union pay claim 2017-18 [256kb]

ColegauCymru recommended a 1% increase to colleges. Although the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) made a recommendation that will result in a higher 2% increase across all scales points for teachers in Wales, UCU's Further Education Sector Committee has agreed to note the pay increase in members pay packets as they felt they would not be fair to ask members to lose a day's pay in order to gain an additional 1%. The 1% increase has already been paid by employers.

Claim 2016-17

The joint trade unions agreed to accept the 1% pay offer from ColegauCymru for 2016-17.

Wales joint union pay claim 2016-17 [179kb]

Employers response to the Wales joint union FE pay claim 2016-17 [1Mb]

For more information please contact Karen Williams, UCU Wales administrator.

See also: Wales FE pay scales

Last updated: 3 September 2018