Anti-casualisation committee

Representing UCU fixed-term and hourly paid staff and fighting the abuse of casual contracts throughout tertiary education.

Anti-casualisation news

A regular newsletter produced by UCU's anti-casualisation committee:

Committee members 2015-16

  • CHAIR: Vicky Blake, Durham University (HE, NEC)
  • Jean Crocker, Teesside University (HE) 
  • Bea Groves, Central Group (FE) 
  • Amy Jowett, Hackney ACE (FE, NEC)  
  • Lesley Kane, Open University (HE)
  • Sam Morecroft, Sheffield University (HE)
  • Stephen Murray, Bradford College (FE)
  • Christina Paine, London Metropolitan University (HE) 
  • Pat Roche, Blackpool & the Flyde College (FE)
  • Jim Thakoordin, vice chair, Bedfordshire ACE (FE)
  • Lee Williamson, Edinburgh University (HE)

NEC and officers:

  • Elizabeth Lawrence (NEC, president)
  • Rob Goodfellow (NEC, president-elect)
  • Joanna de Groot (NEC, vice president) 
  • Angela Roger (NEC, honorary treasurer)
  • Sally Hunt (General secretary)

Committee secretary:

Last updated: 15 July 2016