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Joint NIACE & UCU 2011 annual conference

'Leading by example?' Why the mental health and well-being of staff in the Further Education sector is a leadership issue

Tuesday 1 February 2011, 10am to 3.30pm, Carlow Street, London
Why is it that, despite progress made to improve participation and achievement in learning for people with mental health difficulties, the mental health and well-being of staff working in the FE sector is still largely an ignored issue? Why is it that what we are prepared to do to support our learners, we are unprepared to do for ourselves?
This joint NIACE & UCU 2011 annual conference was supported by LSIS and targeted at trade union representatives in the FE sector; and principals, senior managers, HE managers and governors in the FE sector.
The conference provided delegates with the opportunity to hear about good practice in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for staff in the FE sector.  Speakers provided the policy context to promoting positive mental health and well-being in FE as well as the business and social case and included:

Structured group discussions addressed:

  • What the major challenges will be for promoting mental health in the FE workplace
  • Who should lead this work in the sector and within organisations
  • What delegates can take away from the conference that will make this happen in organisations
  • What key messages need to be fed back to policy makers about this issue.
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