Key campaigning for UCU

25 April 2019 | last updated: 25 May 2019

A brief update on UCU's current work on campaigning around environmental issues.

A key campaign for UCU this coming year is the launch and roll out of the trade union clean air network (TUCAN), with other trade union allies, community and environmental organisations. This network is designed to support local air quality / clean air campaigns by trade unionists and community activists inside and outside the workplace. UCU played a key role in the establishment of this network along with the Hazards Campaign and Greener Jobs Alliance. We currently have 13 national unions signed up to the TUCAN Charter and a number of supporting organisations.

UCU is involved in ongoing work with the TUC around just transition, green skills and industrial strategy. Specifically our active participation in the TUC TUSDACcommittee ensures that UCU policy and priorities on climate change and sustainability issues is discussed within the TUC and with other affiliates.

UCU has recently affiliated to the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group.

UCU has also endorsed the just transition statement developed by the Greener Jobs Alliance and circulated by the CACC TU Group.

In terms of future work there are a number of interesting motions submitted for 2019 Congress including the school climate strikes and extinction rebellion. At the present moment UCU does not have policy around XR and the school climate strikes but this on the agenda for Congress this year.