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Higher education governance in Wales

22 August 2019

UCU recognises the significant challenges currently facing the higher education (HE) sector in Wales and believes that having good and effective governance is essential in order to address these and secure the sustainability of the sector for future generations (Welsh government, 2015).

Despite the existence of a raft of governance statutes, protocols and guidance, we would contend that the system of governance that currently operates in HEIs in Wales is not fit for purpose and is proving detrimental to the students, staff and communities that they serve.

UCU Wales has made HE governance a priority area of work for the forthcoming year (2019-2020). The following paper has been produced which proposes a good governance system for higher education institutions. This paper has been presented and approved by the Higher Education Sector Committee (HESC) and we have commenced discussions with key stakeholders including Welsh government and our trade union colleagues on this extremely important issue:

Higher education institutional governance in Wales, May 19 [199kb]

A special HESC is being arranged for September 2019 to discuss and agree our next steps. For more information please get in touch with Wales press office.

Last updated: 22 August 2019