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Adult (community) learning: a manifesto priority

23 October 2019

UCU Wales has published a position paper with regards adult community learning (ACL) and explains why ACL is a priority issue within our UCU manifesto for the Welsh assembly election in 2021.

UCU Wales believes that adult community learning (ACL) makes a positive difference to the people, communities and society in Wales. However, in recent years ACL has suffered significant cutbacks being hit particularly badly by austerity. Provision has contracted across Wales and has been severely eroded in some areas.

While UCU Wales acknowledges that Welsh government has begun to recognise the crisis within ACL and take action to seek to address some of the issue that exist we want to ensure not only that Welsh government delivers on its stated commitment to ACL but also that this is done in a way that addresses all current issues.

UCU Wales is committed to ensuring that ACL is properly and adequately funded and that the planning and delivery issues are overcome in order to secure fair and equitable provision of ACL throughout Wales. We will scrutinise and lobby Welsh government to ensure that that these issues are addressed and that ACL is given the priority it deserves.

UCU Cymru: adult (community) learning: a manifesto priority, Oct 19 [146kb]

Last updated: 23 October 2019