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FE pay strike planned

7 November 2018

The joint Wales further education trade unions met on 6 November to discuss their ballot results for taking industrial over pay.

Only two unions were able to achieve the turnout threshold of 50%, UCU and NASUWT. While the other unions had significant votes in favour of strike action they did not reach the threshold needed by the draconian trade union legislation.

It was agreed that UCU and NASUWT would consult their representatives about an industrial action timetable which could start with a one-day strike on 4 December, to allow a lobby of Senedd assembly members before the plenary session (which starts at 1.30pm) when the draft budget will be discussed.

UCU Wales official, Margaret Phelan, said, 'We need to ensure that funding is found in the Welsh Government budget this year and future years to fund the maintenance of pay parity with school teachers in Wales.

'The JTUs will be meeting with employers' representatives on the 16 November and we are hoping to receive a revised pay offer.'

Last updated: 8 November 2018