Building blocks

Branch development

The secret of union power is having a strong and active branch behind you. Building the strength and activity of your branch is the most important task for UCU workplace representatives; everything else flows from this. On this page you will find a range of guides to help you.

Every branch must have a set of rules under which they operate, the basis of which should be the Model branch rules [76kb].

The committee

Building the branch committee [25kb]

Representation of fixed-term and hourly paid members on branch committees

See the Model branch rules [76kb]  for information on the roles of the branch/LA officers.

UCU is working to increase the number of our members who are doing something active and meaningful for our branches, members who are then potential future reps and committee members: Local contacts: UCU on the ground in every workplace

Organising your branch

Branch/LA health check exercise [24kb]

Organising to build a strong and active branch/LA [30kb]

Rebuilding a branch/LA: A checklist for action [19kb]

Workplace mapping [39kb]

The appointment of trade union safety representatives - UCU factsheet [163kb]

How many health and safety reps should there be? [161kb]

Organising effective branch meetings [71kb]

Running formal meetings [37kb]

Also see the Model branch rules [76kb]  for more information on branch general meetings and standing orders.

Communicating with members

Maximising participation in ballots and elections [58kb] - see also: Get the Vote Out

Organising events [22kb]

Effective newsletters [60kb]

Using email effectively [60kb]

Top tips for UCU campaign materials [75kb]

How to produce leaflets [19kb]

Surveys and consultations [57kb]

Developing a branch website [65kb]

Branch Twitter guidelines [99kb]

Sample staff survey:

Word version [185kb] | PDF file [24kb]

Last updated: 18 January 2018