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Overseas working guide

11 January 2010

Over the last decade there has been a major growth in trans-national education (TNE) provision. By TNE we mean the delivery of educational programmes, award or credit bearing, by higher education institutions in countries other than their own. UK universities are increasingly involved in this process, including the establishment of 'offshore campuses'.

UCU believes that overseas working can be beneficial, both professionally and personally, for the individuals involved and can provide a new and challenging context for teaching, research and administration. However, the process must be underpinned by two basic principles: mobility must be freely chosen and mobility must be adequately supported.

This guide, originally circulated to branches as UCUHE42 in January 2010, seeks to address the main employment, professional, equality and personal issues that staff may confront when engaged in overseas work.

The guide:

Last updated: 20 January 2016