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FE agreements in Northern Ireland

26 October 2006

UCU negotiates with the six incorporated institutions in Northern Ireland on conditions of service through the Lecturers' Negotiating Committee (LNC).

The following are national agreements, government circulars and college policies that operate across the further education sector:

Special leave

NI FE adoption leave scheme, May 11 [149kb]

NI FE maternity scheme, May 11 [143kb]

NI FE sickness absence management policy, Jan 06 [233kb]

NI FE lecturers' sick leave provision, Jun 97 [28kb]

NI FE paternity leave scheme, Sep 11 [147kb]


NI FE lecturers' contract, May 11 [149kb]
Annex to NI lecturers' contract [28kb]

NI FE associate lecturer agreement, Sep 09 [51kb]

NI FE part-time lecturers contract, May 11 [102kb]

NI qualifications to teach, amended Nov 09 [84kb]

NI FE: lecturer salary scale placement, Sep 06 [4mb]

NI FE amendment to the FE Threshold Scheme, Sep 09 [43kb]

NI FE lecturers' threshold training manual, Sep 03 [267kb]

NI FE vice principals/deputy directors contract of employment, Feb 03 [68kb]

NI FE lecturers' probation scheme, Sep 09 [103kb]

NI FE award of responsibility allowances, Jul 10 [52kb]

Policies and procedures

NI FE career break policy, Nov 10 [340kb]

NI FE open learning agreement, May 00 [75kb]

NI FE disability policy for staff in FE institutions, Oct 06 [136kb]

NI FE disciplinary procedure, Nov 00 [25kb]

NI FE dismissal & suspension procedure, May 00 [49kb]

NI FE indemnification for teachers, May 00 [60kb]

NI FE individual grievance procedure, May 00 [64kb]

NI harassment policy for employees in FE institutions, Oct 06 [414kb]

NI FE redundancy procedure, Jun 00 [39kb]

NI FE travelling + subsistence allowances scheme [742kb]

NI FE relocation allowance, May 00 [51kb]

NI FE reorganisation allowance, Jan 96 [61kb]

NI FE lecturers' appraisal scheme, Sep 09 [157kb]


NI FE facilities agreement, May 00 [66kb]

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