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Northern Ireland FE pay scales

Salary scales for Northern Ireland FE colleges.

For the latest department head and management spines, or principal and director scales and all further notes, please see the lecturers' award circular [168kb] and the principals and deputy directors' award circular [188kb].

Information Please note the 2014 scales are the latest salaries provided by Colleges Northern Ireland.

Point1 Sep 2013 (£) 1 Sep 2014 (£)
Threshold payment2,6092,612
Deane payment1,3571,358

College size groupingScaleRange of points on scale (£) 2013Range of points on scale (£) 2014
E3 and higher - 5 & 6543,690 - 47,49843,734 - 47,545
 644,968 - 48,77745,013 - 48,826
Note: These scales do not show the £2,612 (2014) payment for lecturers on the Principal Lecturer scale who apply for and are awarded a Threshold payment or who have carried such payment from another scale.

CategoryStandard of coursesRate per hour
(£) 2013
Rate per hour
(£) 2013
II/IIICourses above National Certificate or equivalent standard leading directly to a university degree or equivalent qualification and courses of equivalent standard but not necessarily leading to a university degree or equivalent qualification35.6735.67
IVCourses above the level of the General Certificate of Secondary Education or comparable level leading directly to the National Certificate, or courses or parts of courses of a comparable standard30.4730.47
VCourses other than those described above22.3722.37
Last updated: 3 April 2017