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UCU Scotland officer vacancy

25 October 2023

UCU Scotland Green Officer

In 2023, UCU Scotland Congress voted to create a new officer role - UCU Scotland Green Officer.

The Green Officer shall take a lead in advancing green and sustainability issues, including urgent action on climate, and supporting branches to ensure their institutions have strong policies in this area. They shall chair the UCU Scotland Green Network.

Nominations for UCU Scotland Green Officer closed on 24 November 2023. The result of the ballot which closed on 24 January 2024 has now been declared. Marion Hersh is declared elected and results can be found here:  UCU Scotland Green Officer results [37kb]

The term of office will be from the declaration of the election result until the end of UCU's annual Congress in 2025.  

UCU Scotland Green Officer

Marion Hersh

For further information about this election, please contact Nicola McGowan in the UCU Scotland office.

Relevant information

calling notice [30kb]
nomination form [145kb]
election address form and regulations [56kb]
election guidance [63kb]
UCU Scotland election rules [128kb]


Last updated: 25 January 2024